Monday, November 7, 2011

{thankful day 7}

I am thankful for how funny my Littlest Diva is.  She is constantly saying things that make me laugh.  Yesterday in church was one of those days.  We were visiting another ward for a baby blessing.  Our little conversation:

LD:  Wow!  Their Bishop has the same name as our Bishop.

Me:  Really? What is it?

LD:  Bishop Rick.  Isn't that so awesome?

Super awesome.  And she is super cute.  And I am super thankful for her.

Disclaimer:  Now I know that not everyone is blogland will understand this.  We belong to the LDS church (also known as the Mormons). Our Bishop is like a Pastor and he has men (counselors) that serve with him and we call them the "Bishopric" - which is how she came up with Bishop Rick. 

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