Thursday, November 17, 2011

{thankful day 18}

I am posting a day early because I know I won't have time tomorrow.  I get to do Fairytale Friday at the Littlest Diva's class and then it's her friend birthday party.  We invited her entire class of 24 (plus several other friends not in her class) to make sure no one's feelings get hurt.  Also thinking that there is no way everyone would come.  Only 3 kids aren't coming.  Luckily, it's not at our house.  But whew!  It will be a long day tomorrow.

Anyway... back to what I am thankful for.  Which today it is sleep.  I have been sick the last few days.  My body knows when I am doing too much.  So then I get sick.  And then I have to slow down and get some sleep.   Sleep is a beautiful thing.  I am not sure why my Divas haven't figured this out yet.  I can't get them to go to bed. I am begging them several times a night.  Even bribing them.  Okay, and yelling.  And then as soon as they are teenagers I will be beating them to get out of bed.  And when they are mom's they will be so excited to have all the kids in school so they can take an afternoon nap if they feel so inclined.  Not that I do that...

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