Thursday, November 17, 2011

{thankful day 17}

I'm thankful for a husband that supports me in everything I do.  Which includes helping me manage this drama-filled household.  We had a house full of women last night for some crafty card making and he was patient and took care of the Divas.  In fact, he even helped the Littlest Diva clean her room.  Which was not an easy task.  Especially when he asks her why she has so many purses and she responds "Daddy, because I am a diva".  As if he should know that already.  I never have to ask him to help me around the house.  In fact, before we got married I gently explained to him that I don't do bathrooms.  For reals.  He was 100% okay with that since he doesn't mind doing them.  Now that's HOT.

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