Monday, November 7, 2011

{monday madness}

I am not ready for it to be Monday.  And I know I'm not alone.  Because I see all over FB "It's Monday already?"  Does Monday really sneak up on us?  It's kind of like someone complaining about Christmas sneaking up on them.  It's inevitable.  We have all year to prepare for Christmas.  Just like we have all week to prepare for Monday.  Are any of us really prepared?

I miss living in AZ.  For a lot of reasons.  The beautiful sun, it's almost always warm, awesome friends.  The sun.  Did I mention the sun?  And the time never changing.  I don't know why this time change has totally screwed me up.  I should be happy with an extra hour of sleep.  But last night - or shall we say early this morning - I couldn't sleep.  I woke up every hour.  And permanently awake at 4am.  Seriously. 

So here I am on a Monday morning.  Woke up to a skiff of white stuff.  What to do? What to do...

More laundry?  More FB-ing?  More blogging?  Surely you jest.... I am going to be extremely productive by heading to Starbucks for some Peppermint Hot Cocoa and join my BFF for some shopping.  Judge all you want... you're just jealous.

Happy Monday!

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