Wednesday, June 27, 2012

{PC doesn't mean "Politically Correct" in our house

To us PC means "Prostate Cancer".  We are coming up on 3 years of MH's diagnosis of Prostate Cancer.  For those of you just joining, he is cancer free and doing very well.  When it all happened we were living in Arizona - which was super hard without family around us for support.  Being diagnosed with PC at such a young age (38) was so shocking.  We always thought it was the Old Man's Disease.  Not so anymore.  We now are affiliated with Zero - The Project to End Prostate Cancer.  This foundation is amazing.  We see stories every day of how PC is affecting many lives.  I have seen men that have been diagnosed as early as 21 years old.  Absolutely shocking.  September is Prostate Cancer Awareness month.  We have the opportunity to attend the Summit to End Prostate Cancer this year. I am excited to be an advocate and bring awareness to a cancer that isn't discussed very often.  It's as private as Breast Cancer and yet we feel like we can't discuss it.

When our family was going through MH's diagnosis, treatment and recovery I think we were all on auto-pilot.  He was diagnosed, we met with the surgeon and we were given 3 options for his treatment.  Because of his age only 1 treatment really stood out - Radical Robotic Prostatectomy with Nerve Sparing.    Basically, this surgery - with the assistance of a robot - removes the prostate gland and spares the nerves surrounding the prostate.  Since MH is a "computer geek" he thought this was SO cool.  The surgeon guides the robotic arms with his own to perform the surgery.  This allows for more precision.  MH was so excited he would be able to see what the Robot looked like.  However, he was already put to sleep before he even entered the room - and he was extremely upset about it.  What a let down for the computer geek.

My whole point of sharing this now is because Diva#2 had to write a report in school about something that has affected her life.  She is in 5th grade and I just had to share this. (in her words and spelling)

When My Dad was Diagnosed with Prostate Cancer

When I was about nine my dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer.  When my mom and dad told me, I was really sad and I thought my dad was going to die.  My dad was worried too but I think my mom was worried the most.  My dad had to sit in bed all day and couldn't do anything.  I don't like prostate cancer.

When my dad has a disease or something in him, everyone freaks out including me.  My little sister didn't freak out when my dad had cancer.  All she said was "Are you OK Daddy?"  Since my dad had cancer I felt sad, lonely and hurtful because I had school, dance and sports.  I had so much pressure on me.  I don't like it when my dad has cancer.

People were so helpful.  Almost every night some friends brought my family dinner.  They were helping with school, lunch and buying food.  They were very nice to do that for us.  It was so helpful that our friends did that for us.

Later on, my dad had the surgery to get the cancer out.  My sisters and I had to stay at my mom's friends house.  She is so nice.  I miss her.  My mom was staying in the room where my dad was staying in the hospital.  My sisters and I were worried about my dad a lot.  My dad was fine after the surgery.

When my dad came home I was so happy that he was alright.  The doctor said that they had to wait to see if he was clear.  The results came back clean which means they got rid of the cancer.  I am so happy that my dad has no more cancer.  

I absolutely love the view from my child's eyes.  She is my quietest child and doesn't really share her feelings very much.  She has such a special relationship with her Daddy.  I have never known such a girly girl that can also be a tomboy.  All 3 of our Divas love their daddy.

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  1. Because I just had a baby I am crying allll the time. Thanks for giving me a GOOD and sweet reason to bawl (instead of because my pants don't go up past my knees).

    What a lovely family you have. :)