Monday, July 2, 2012

{Olympics Obsessed}

The Littlest Diva has a talent for gymnastics.  She is super petite and has the perfect body for it.  I love seeing how quickly she is learning things.  She has learned to take my exercise ball (happy it's being used for something) and teaching herself how to do back-bends.  She's so innovative!

The only thing that has become a problem for me is that she no longer walks ANYWHERE.  She is constantly doing handstands, cartwheels, round offs - anything that gets here there without having to walk.  

So last night we are watching the Olympic Gymnastic Trials and suddenly she is using the couch for her vault and trying to copy everything they do.  Of course I think it's fabulous but she is getting too close to the TV and I'm scared she is going to knock it over.  So I tell her (ok maybe yell at her) to stop and get away from the TV.  And this is her response:

Mom I can't stop it. I don't have control. It's like its taking over my body. I'm born to be in the olympics!!

And this, my friends is the monster I have created:

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