Tuesday, June 12, 2012

{growing up}

I'm feeling a little lost today.  It could be the always and forever pile of laundry or the fact that I have dishes to do and I don't wanna.  Or it could be that my oldest Diva - Diva#1 - is gone for the week at camp.  I thought I was so brave by not crying when I dropped her off.  We have been apart for the same amount of time but she is either with MH or the Grandparents.  But I keep thinking about what she is doing and if she is homesick and how her anxiety is.  Because apparently mine is doing... fabulous.  Don't get me wrong I am super excited she is taking this big leap - becoming more independent and all that.  I know this will help her grow and have so much faith in herself that she can do big things.  And that's awesome.  But it doesn't make me miss her any less.  {sigh}

And we all know it is ALL about me...

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  1. I am sure she is missing you just as much as you are missing her but hopefully she is having tons of fun and not letting her anxiety get to her. What an amazing experience this will be for her. 3 more days....you can do this!!!!