Sunday, October 9, 2011

{weekend wrap-up}

Apparently that was a VERY long weekend.  If only.  Amazing how no posts in one weekend can turn into over a week.

Things here in Zion have been very busy.  We had family staying with us for a few days (for the aforementioned wedding) which I absolutely enjoyed.  I am a great-aunt (gasp!) and my great-nephew -Prince C- is the cutest ever. (However, he is grounded from giving himself a fat lip and scaring mommy to death waking up from his nap covered in blood.)  I had so much fun playing with him and his mommy.  She is an awesome mom and really just brings a lot of joy to my life.  I also got to have a bunch of other nieces and nephews stay and while were were all exhausted it was worth every minute. 

We had a full busy weekend.  Lots of cleaning in between volleyball games and date night.  Went to see Moneyball and as expected it did not disappoint.  Because really... can this man disappoint?
I think not.... Angelina how did you do it?  Really, How. Did. You?  Another Unsolved Mystery.

In other news... I came to realize this weekend that my youngest Diva is more like me than I ever imagined.  When shopping with MH with her allowance money, she purchased a plastic toothbrush case to protect her toothbrush from germs.  And doesn't it look pretty? The best part was that the purchase came with an extra case for mom.  I am so proud.

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