Monday, October 10, 2011

{pump it up}

Have I discussed my latest obsession?  Let me share it with you... PUMP CLASS.  What is pump class you ask? 

First let me start with the disclaimer:  I am not a professional.  I do not use the correct weight lifting terminology.  And I do not assume any risk by anyone out there taking a Pump Class and not being able to move for days after.  I am not a professional.  I think that covers it.

Ok... back to:  What is a pump class?

Basically, it's a weight lifting class.  I never thought I would like this class.  But I do.  You have a bar where you change the weights depending on the type of exercise you are doing.  You also use hand weights and an elevated step.  For the first few classes - ok let's be honest for EVERY class until 2 days ago - I used the smallest weight possible.  Because I am a wimp.  I admit it.  Go ahead and judge me.  I'll wait...

Once you do a gazillion reps you seriously can't move at all.  In fact, after the first class I could barely walk.  Let's just say when my workout partner dropped me off, I fell out of her truck because my legs wouldn't work.  And while we are discussing my workout partner, she seriously rocks.  She gets my butt to every class.  And I love her for it.  After I hate her for it.  I have tried several times to talk her into going to breakfast instead of class.  I haven't won that argument. 

I guess they won't be paying me for an endorsement any time soon.  But after tearing all my muscles and taking the instructors name in vain for days, I have realized I have never felt stronger.  I have been doing it for a few weeks now and I actually have muscles.  About a week ago, I asked MH why my shoulders were "swollen".  He just laughed and said they were muscles.  He also reminded me about waking him up several weeks ago and telling him a felt a lump beneath my breast.  Which turned out to be a rib.  Who knew?  I am finding parts of my body I haven't seen in years.  It's a fun game.

So tomorrow is pump class and I am so excited.  Yes, I realize it's an obsession but really... I could be obsessed over worse things.  Feel free to name a few... 


  1. OMG!! What a fun blog...Makes me want to drop and give ya twenty...twenty what remains to be determined! LOL! Seriously though, you inspire me to get in better shape! Thanks for sharing!

  2. SO where do you pump...seriously might be motivated to try it. :)) thanks for the inspiration!!!!