Friday, December 2, 2011

{elf on a shelf}

We started a new tradition at our house this year.  Not sure I was going to like the Elf thing.  But it has been hysterical.  If you are not familiar with it... There is a small stuffed elf that has some serious magic.  He moves all over the house, watching the Divas and then reports back to Santa every night to tell him if they have been good.  The Divas named our elf "Buddy".  Buddy is very mischievous.  Their favorite place so far was this morning - he was hanging from the chandelier over the kitchen table. Their squeals were priceless.  I absolutely loved listening to the Littlest Diva with her one-way conversation this morning at breakfast:

Okay, here's the thing Buddy.  You can't fall in my cereal.  I'm not sure how you got there.  But if you fall in my cereal mom will think she needs to wash you.  She's kind of a freak that way.  So please stay there.  How was your trip to the North Pole?  It was?  That's good.  I am glad you were safe.  Did you tell Santa that I want a phone?  It's just for emergencies only.  It's not like I will text all my friends and stuff.  But in case I get lost then I can call home.  That's a good reason right?  I know!  I keep telling her that but she won't listen.  She says Santa always asks for permission for stuff like that.  But you could just tell him its important.  Well, I love you Buddy.  Have a good day and be careful.  Tomorrow you might want to pick somewhere else safer.  

I love how she has important reasons of why she needs a phone.  She has done her research and has valid points.  And just so you know, permission wasn't granted.

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  1. That is an AWESOME idea!!! Love it and the conversation it stirred!