Sunday, September 25, 2011

{weight for me]

People have asked me to start a blog where I am totally honest about my weight.  "You are funny and tell it like it is!"  (Do you understand the pressure?) How I got here and how my weight loss journey is so far.  What are my tricks?  What goals have I met?  What are my favorite low fat foods?  Before and after pictures...

Really people.  Let's be honest.  I won't post pictures unless I want to make fun of someone. Like a skinny girl that needs to eat a few hamburgers.  I will be honest about my weight.  I'm chubby.  Did you not read the title?  Let's see... how did I get here?  By eating too many of the aforementioned hamburgers.  Actually, that's not true.  I don't eat that many hamburgers.  I do, however enjoy a generous helping of carbs on a daily basis.  The only goals I have met thus far is exercising daily.  I hate it.  And I am sure I will post my daily complaints.

What does the "Zion" part have to do with my weight loss?  Absolutely nothing.  Or maybe everything.  Who knows?  I live in Stepford.  With lots of skinny - some freakishly skinny - women.  Nothing about me is like them.  And I am okay with that.  Or maybe I'm not.  Only time will tell.

Lots of questions to be answered.  A lot of questions to be asked.  Surprises.  I love surprises. 


  1. There's no like button ??? Love it already. I will be stopping by for my daily dose of laughter.

  2. Daily? Wow Amy - way to put pressure on me! ;) Thanks for visiting!

  3. Ok...this is what I have been waiting for! When I FINALLY get to see you, we will make sure our Sonic trips are carb-free....sigh....yeah, and where is the "like" or LOVE button?

  4. You and me babe! My mom can't understand why I won't live in SLC. I can't keep up w/ the skinny Jones's. I am looking forward to some strait talk and laughs!