Monday, September 26, 2011


I guess I should've posted the disclaimer first.  I have received a little blacklash from my previous post.  So let's start here...

This blog is entirely my opinion.  And sometimes my opinion is expressed in irreverent, compassionate and peculiar ways.  I don't mean to offend.  Well, sometimes I do but I swear I will not use your real name. 

Just because I call my community "Stepford" does not mean I don't like living here.  Or that I dislike any of my neighbors and friends.  I actually really love them.  Even the skinny ones.

Prepare yourself for winter backlash.  I absolutely hate winter.  I hate the cold.  I love the sun and I get a little cranky when all I see is gray for several months in a row.  You can tell me to move all you want but this is where the honey works and well, I like his paycheck so we are here... for now.

If you know me personally, please keep names private.  I told you I wouldn't use yours so please don't use mine.  There are a lot of creepers out there and even though I love the attention, a girl can only take so much.  You are welcome to refer to me as Queen, MH is my husband and I have 3 Divas.  And believe me - you will get to know them very well. (Okay, really don't refer to me as Queen - Valley Girl is just fine)

I use the word "like"... like a lot.  In fact, anything that says "Valley Girl" is totally me.  So you are welcome to edit my posts as much as you feel the desire to.  But it won't change a thing.  Believe me... many have tried.

I have blogged for years and some of my best friends are other bloggers.  I appreciate anyone that visits my blog.  And I love the feedback.  So please... feel free.  My promise to you is to try to keep you entertained.  And to make fun of myself as much as possible. 

Party on....

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  1. Babe, Did you really get some backlash? I have lots of skinny friends and I love them, but they know exactly what I mean when I say "they suck" and they don't get mad. Tell MH that we are always looking for good men in our town. Having you here would ROCK!